Value Education Program

Value Education Program

Value Education Olympiad

The school participates in Value Education Olympiad in association with Iskon and envisages to empower each student with strong value systems that would guide them in decision making and using their knowledge and skills for betterment of society.


A human being is valued on the basis of his morals, principles and values. The core element of education is to develop integrity and morals in a child.

S.D .Public School is an educational institution where along with quality academic education, the moral education is also emphasised. The students are taught the ethics, traditions, morals and values of life. Our aim is to empower the future generation with kindness, Humanity and Humility. Along with values, our students should also have the confidence to be a Challenger, a problem solver. Our main emphasis is to develop our students in to..... Confident ,Strong ,Positive ,Dynamic, kind hearted, Hard working, Caring and Successful Personalities. Our student should be someone who works with Harmony and spreads Positivity all around .

He / She should be ready to work hard to fulfill his dreams and give back to the Society in whatever way it is possible. S.D .Public School has been Organising many activities and programmes for inculcating such values in the students. One such programme is ..


ln this Programme students are taught the right moral values.They are taught to be kind towards older people, needy and animals. The ethics of being respectful and helpful towards everyone is taught along with the power to discover one's inner qualities. This programme is one of the hugely appreciated programme as many parents also participated in it as it turned out to be a platform of enhancing their child's personality.

Learning values from this Programme many students during pandemic, fed the stray animals. Many students along with their parents gave food to homeless labourers. Number of students started taking care of their grand parents and are taking interest in spending time with them.

We as one of the pioneers of education, assure our parents that our students will lay foundation to a strong , powerful society full of peace and happiness.


By Charu Baweja

Value Education

SDPS believes in holistic development of the child not only physically or mentally but spiritually as well. We take utmost care to enrich our students with values which are an integral part of life. Through Awakened Citizen Programme the students learnt about their infinite strength they have in them. They learnt to be more confident, helpful, self-reliant and independent to take decisions. Throughout the year different competitive exams related to value education were conducted. The motto of the school has always been to empower children to face the challenges of life.

Value Education Olympiad

A value education Olympiad was held in the school. It was based on the teachings of Bhagvad Gita. The mission of this kind of a competition was to assist the student community to lead a highly cultured and balanced life centred around ethics in character. The students of classes 5 to 11 took part in this. Avni Nagpal , a student of class 10 got first rank (level2) and Parth Aggarwal a student of class 8 got second rank (level 1) in value education Olympiad among 5800 students .

Awakened Citizen Programme

Education without values is incomplete and meaningless. Keeping this in mind a value education programme is being run successfully by the school under the guidance of Rama Krishna Mission . Every year the volunteers from Rama Krishna Mission visit our school to observe the progress of the programme. This year also they visited the school in the month of December and were highly satisfied with the vigour our teachers are doing it and the impact of the programme on our students.

Interactive session

An interactive session of the students of classes Vl to VIII was held with the teachers of Ramakrishna Mission under Awakened Citizen Programme in which the students shared their experiences and learnt a lot new things. It was a fruitful session.

Gender Sensitization Programme- Challenges and Solutions

A workshop was organised in Conference Hall, SDPS, Pitampura on topic “Gender Sensitization- Challenges and Solutions” by Mr. Rajeshwar Nagpal, Advocate and RTI Activists, Delhi. House Captains, Vice-Captains and 72 prefects from Kaveri, Ganges, Narmada and Chenab Houses participated in the workshop. Mr Nagpal had focused on the rules, updated acts and laws for females empowerment. He had given awareness about some challenges, that were important to know to all the students, like self-defense, to understand the nearby environment, focus on the risks for danger etc. Mr Nagpal had informed to students for the forthcoming event on Gender Sensitization on mega level in NSP, Pitampura. All prefects had received invitation card and relevant information to register in that event. He had also shared some web links and brochure to provide basic knowledge and information about gender sensitization.

Being Heroic

An interactive session was taken on universal possibility of Being Heroic in which students got to know how can one be heroic in different aspects of life.

Universal Possibilities

Classes are being taken on regular basis under AWAKENED Citizen Programme in which students are made aware of the infinite strength they have within them.

Award ceremony

A few students of class 8B got an opportunity to attend the award ceremony organised by Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi where they met the youngest Headmaster of the world,Babar Ali. They got inspired from his life and learnt that how adversity makes a man stronger and focussed towards ones goal.

Awakened citizen programme

Our objectives: To inspire students towards enlightened citizenship To enable students to plan and harmonize their thoughts actions-goals towards higher To let students know their infinite strength