Principal's Message

I value myself for being a growing,
Unfolding individual.
I embrace myself for being worthy of life
Peace and well being.
I honour myself for being created in the image and likeness
Of the creator.
I accept this reality and I commit myself
A new to believing in myself.

Life is a gift. Every moment of it is meant for striving towards excellence. Everything around us vibrates with our positivity. A halo of energy i.e. creative energy surrounds us. Having humane goals one should always move towards a positive resurgence. Tribulations and trials check us at every phase but like the Hercules we can achieve the impossible with our resilience and determination. A different world awaits those who dare to dream. We have with us a rich legacy pouring from the heaven's brink; to unfold ourselves into individuals with potential. It is our moral duty. So let us all pledge to create a new world order that transcends the ordinary and takes us to the sublime. I hope this website will give reflection of our efforts in preparing a committed generation.

Ms. Anita Sharma

Nursery School Activities